It has been reported that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been wounded in US airstrikes.

Two Iraqi officials and and a state TV channel said that Baghdadi had been wounded. This came after a Twitter account linked to ISIS said that he had been wounded.

Some think that Baghdadi might even be dead.

Neither of the two Iraqi officials knew the extent of Baghdadi’s injuries.

A Twitter account associated with ISIS wished Baghdadi a “‘speedy recovery.” It also said in Arabic:”And do you think that the Caliphate ends when the caliph dies?/ We would like to reassure the nation that its prince is well thanks to Allah/ We pray for his speedy recovery #prayer.”

al-Baghdadi is thought to rule ISIS as its supreme religious and political leader.

The Pentagon said that a series of airstrikes targeted ISIS leaders near Mosul, and Iraqi authorities are working to determine if al-Baghdadi was killed.

One Iraqi official said that there was no “accurate information” on whether Baghdadi was dead. He also said: “The information is from unofficial sources and was not confirmed until now, and we are working on that.”

General Nicholas Hooughton, the chief of staff of British armed forces, said on Sunday:

“I can’t absolutely confirm that Baghdadi has been killed. Probably, it will take some days to have absolute confirmation.”

Patrick Ryder, a spokesman for US Central Command, said that the strikes had intentionally targeted ISIS’s leadership and ensured that it had “increasingly limited freedom to maneuver, communicate and command.”

h/t: The Times of Israel

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