Between them, Mike Cernovich and Alex Jones have concocted or promoted some spectacularly illusory — and alarmingly popular — conspiracy theories: Hillary Clinton is hiding Parkinson’s disease (Cernovich). The mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a false flag (Jones). Pizzagate (both).

Now, the Internet impresarios are teaming up at Infowars, Jones’s hard-right website that streams his daily talk show. CNN reports that Cernovich, founder of the uber-masculine website Danger & Play, will host Jones’s show for an hour each week, beginning immediately.

Of the two, Jones has the higher profile and bigger platform — partly because President Trump lent him credibility early in his campaign for the White House. Trump made a half-hour appearance on Jones’s show in December 2015, telling the leading 9/11 truther that his “reputation is amazing.”

Cernovich has been gaining ground, however. In March, “60 Minutes” featured him in a segment about fake news. That might not sound like a good thing, but Cernovich later described his interview with Scott Pelley as a major status booster.

“Two big events happened in my life,” Cernovich said during a guest appearance on Jones’s program last month. “One is I’ve been on ’60 Minutes.’ ”

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