A new bill being circulated for co-sponsors in Delaware would make any person in possession of a firearm that is undetectable by a metal detector a felon.

The bill, which has not been posted online, was leaked by State Rep. Jeffery Spiegelman (R) via a phone picture.

Posted from thetruthaboutguns.com, Spiegelman writes, “First, let me apologize for the poor quality. This bill (137) was circulated today for cosponsors and I only had a couple of seconds to take a picture of it with my cell phone. In other words, it is not even online for public viewing yet. Here are my initial thoughts . . .

Spiegelman brings some very interesting points. He writes:

-How do you enforce this if 3D printers are legal, the computer file needed for the 3d printer is legal, and neither are traceable?

-Why does the bill mention parts that are not part of the legal definition of a firearm (in other words, by the letter of this law, after the mentioned parts are removed, the gun could still retain metal sights or other parts and be legal or illegal? If the whole firearm is plastic for a metallic serial number plate, is that illegal?)

-Is the plastic magazine and similar parts illegal or only illegal when attached to a legally defined firearm?

-Is there an official hand held metal detector setting? Commercial metal detectors can detect the iron content of a person’s blood.

-What is undetectable ammunition?

-What is an undetectable magazine?

-Will existing firearms/parts be grandfathered? How would it be known if they are pre or post ban if printed firearms and parts are not dated?

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