June 22, 2012

Editor’s note: Spolier Alert! Alex does not give away the entire plot, but he does expose the propaganda laced throughout the Dark Knight saga.

Alex Jones decodes the latest installment of Christopher Nolan’s popular Batman series and breaks down the franchise as a slick propaganda device engineered to sell submission and tyranny to the masses.

Bob Kane’s 1939 Caped Crusader comic book hero bares scant resemblance to the modern psychological warfare reincarnation produced by Hollywood in league with the Pentagon and the military industrial complex. The old morality play of good versus evil Kane relied on now comes packaged with subliminal and not so-subliminal messages that condition us to accept all manifestations of the modern technological surveillance state. It instructs us to surrender our birthright of individual liberty and trade it for a false security against manufactured bogeymen.

The Dark Knight Rises is more than simply escapist entertainment. It implants directives deep within our psyche. In order to be successful, the globalist ruling elite require a submissive, distracted, and throughly brainwashed populace. Tyranny must be sold as ever increasingly repressive security against a phantom and intractable terrorism and shadowy villains who are never quite defeated, as they were never quite defeated in Orwell’s Landing Strip One.

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