An activist group run by an anti-Trump leftist is demanding radio station operators nationwide add a disclaimer to Alex Jones broadcasts labeling them “fiction.”

In an opinion piece published in The Sacramento Bee, Media Action Center founder and director Sue Wilson outlines her plan to override the pesky First Amendment by having stations falsely inform listeners Infowars is “fake news.”

If not, Wilson insists, stations should stop broadcasting Jones’ shows.

“Jones has First Amendment rights. The right to free speech, to stand on a street corner and share his views, whatever their relation to the truth,” admits Wilson.

“But radio, which reaches 93 percent of our population, comes with a legal responsibility to listeners to ‘serve the public interest.’”

Wilson blames Jones for spreading “dangerous conspiracy theories” about the California wildfires, Sandy Hook and more, and claims he’s responsible for “contributing to real-world terror.”

“Jones planted the seed and his minions took action,” she writes.

Infowars can still be aired, Wilson dictates, so long as stations air a disclaimer at the start of broadcasts noting the show is a work of “fiction.”

“The Federal Communications Commission provides a way for stations to air hoaxes without violating the public trust: air a disclaimer saying the program is fiction,” Wilson says.

“Any programming accompanied by a disclaimer will be presumed not to pose foreseeable harm if the disclaimer clearly characterizes the program as a fiction and is presented in a way that is reasonable under the circumstances,” according to the agency’s rule.

Ultimately, Wilson urges readers to complain to the FCC and local radio stations about Infowars.

Likes and retweets on Wilson’s personal Twitter account suggest she holds anti-Trump viewpoints, and has been targeting Alex Jones since May.

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