Minuteman PAC
February 28, 2012

During a discussion panel on voter identification (ID) laws held at the U.S. Capitol on Feb. 17, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), let it be known that he equates voter ID laws, or proof of citizenship laws, with Jim Crow laws that if passed will cause America to “step backward toward another dark time in our history.” Lewis also alleged that he did not know of any cases of illegal immigrants voting and it’s a “lot of say-and-do about nothing.”

At the same meeting, Rep, Emmanuel Cleaver II ((D-Mo.) said there are no illegal immigrants voting the U.S. He also said that only 13 cases of voter fraud took place in the entire United States in the past ten years. We’re not sure where Cleaver got his “facts,” but we are positive he and his staffers never bothered to double-check.

According to a report issued by the Commission on Federal Election Reform in 2005, federal prosecutors charged 89 individuals and convicted 53 for election-fraud offenses. Another highlight from the report – In 2004, at least 35 foreign citizens applied for and received voter cards in just ONE county in Texas. That same year, the Washington State gubernatorial election was decided by 133 votes while 1,678 illegal votes were cast. The election was upheld because there was no way to determine which candidate received the illegal votes.

Currently, 29 states have no ID requirement to vote and 31 require some form of identification to vote, with eight requiring photo ID.


Illegal Immigrants Caught Voting in American Elections

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