Left-wing actress Ellen Barkin expressed her desire to see Louis CK “raped” and “shot at” in a series of tweets, prompting Twitter to do….absolutely nothing.

The comedian triggered a Twitter outrage mob on Sunday night when a bit from his latest stand up show leaked online in which he called out the absurdity of millenials demanding to be referred to by “non-binary” pronouns.

This prompted Golden Globe nominee Barkin to use her verified Twitter account to literally wish for the comedian to be raped and gunned down.

“i hope louis ck gets raped,” she tweeted, following up with “and shot at”.

She subsequently tried to justify the comments by pointing to Székely’s admitted history of sexual harassment.

The comedian responded to the tweets last night, asking Barkin, “Are you mad?”

“no, you are mad. and very very sick. i am enraged,” she shot back.

Despite Barkin’s tweets clearly violating Twitter’s rules, no action has been taken against her account.

The controversy bears some similarities to when actor Peter Fonda tweeted his desire to see 12-year-old Barron Trump ripped from his mother’s arms and “put in a cage with pedophiles”.

Twitter took no action whatsoever against Fonda, yet the company has outright deleted the likes of Tommy Robinson and Laura Loomer for criticizing Muslim rape gangs and female genital mutilation. Alex Jones was also banned for little more than being mean to CNN reporter Oliver Darcy.


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