CNN’s leading anti-Trump activist Jim Acosta was triggered Tuesday night by President Trump’s Oval Office address, in particular the part where Trump called illegal immigrants who commit crimes ‘criminals’.

Trump cited several examples of illegal immigrants having committed horrible crimes, in addition to being in the country illegally. One such incident was the recent murder of police Corporal Ronil Singh by an illegal immigrant.

For Acosta, this was too much:

The CNN “reporter” isn’t used to citing facts:

Acosta wasn’t the only leftist triggered by Trump’s description of illegal criminals.

Over at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow and her friends described the President’s address as a ‘scam’, arguing that Trump was deliberately trying to scare Americans with ‘immigrant crime stuff’.

“The President’s speech was a litany of scare stories of immigrants being terrible criminals who are coming into the United States to rape and murder Americans, essentially in the President telling, for pleasure because it’s in their nature.” Maddow stated:

“But the big scam of the whole address was that there is a crisis. There is not a crisis.” chimed in guest Nicolle Wallace.

Maddow further described Trump’s examples as a “slightly different list of crimes that evolves over time.”

The Washington Post also took issue with Trump’s address on illegal immigration, suggesting that the President used “misleading” crime figures:

The Post, while admitting the numbers are actually entirely correct, essentially argued that some crimes should be overlooked because they are not as bad as others… or something.

So, the number is accurate, but… no, beacuse… Trump:

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