Hurricane Joaquin hasn’t hit ground in the U.S. yet, and might not, but already a climate alarmist public relations shop is pushing “Journalists” to blame climate change for the storm’s strength.

Late in the afternoon, Oct. 1, Climate Nexus sent out a press release to the media claiming the storm was gaining strength “over [a] record-hot ocean.” That’s how the group promoted its “hurricane backgrounder,” designed to link the storm to global warming.

Climate Nexus is a communications organization that considers its “mission” to highlight “the wide-ranging impacts of climate change and clean energy solutions in the United States.” The group is “a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a 501(c)3” according to its website. The storm hasn’t even hit the United States and already liberals are exploiting a potential tragedy to promote their alarmist agenda.

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