A leftist political writer was taken to task by the internet Monday after tweeting out, on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, that the election of Donald Trump as President will prove to be “equally disastrous” as the terrorist attacks.

Charles Johnson, founder of the leftist Trump-hating Little Green Footballs website, said on tweeted out the following on Monday:

The internet was not impressed:


Aside from being grossly distasteful, many were keen to point out that almost 3000 immediate deaths, followed by many more in the aftermath, including millions of dead Iraqis, as well as 16 years of war in the middle east, leading to the rise of ISIS is somewhat more disastrous than the democratic election of a President.



The leftist followers agreed though, Trump is literally Hitler:


Following the backlash, Johnson doubled down, claiming that Trump has “already destroyed much of what’s good about America, and it’s getting worse every day.”

Still, the beat down and ownership came thick and fast:


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