A recently released video by Vox, the anti-American left wing publication founded in part by Daily Kos liberal and former CIA employee Markos Moulitsas, explains how they think Putin became so popular with Republicans.

The Deputy Managing Editor of Foreign news for Vox, Yochi Dreazen, drops in to give his opinion throughout the video.

He blames Putin’s rise in popularity on “Republican propaganda, Donald Trump” and the belief in “the great man theory of history”…whatever that means.

The video then focuses on financial ties to Russia, claiming that Trump’s past business endeavors will influence policies while in the White House.

The hypocritical leftist Dreazen goes on to say, “We’re in this extraordinary moment where a U.S. president is potentially financially beholden to an enemy country lead by a dictator.”

He doesn’t seem too sure of how “beholden” Trump is considering his use of the word “potentially” in the quote.

Dreazen must also be forgetting that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was funded by Saudi Arabia.

So if a tyrannical country funds a candidate’s actual campaign it’s okay, but if a candidate had business ties while operating as a citizen it’s seen as compromising?

The report continues, trotting out the “intelligence” report alleging Trump is being blackmailed by Russia, to which Dreazen comments, “This isn’t Hollywood, this isn’t conspiracy, this isn’t paranoia. This may actually, on some level, be true.”

The Vox editor once again sounds very unsure of the legitimacy of his own claims, with an emphasis on “may, on some level.”

The report explains how most Republicans have historically disliked Russia, but now share a different viewpoint.

In pointing out this transformation of thought the leftist publication unknowingly credits Trump with changing the Republican establishment from within.

Dreazen says, “Putin weaponized the fact that we have a free press and used WikiLeaks to launder the information.”

Is Vox trying to say we need to restrict the freedom of press out of fear of Russian influence?

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