A female radio host was attacked on social media after telling President Trump’s son Eric, “Thank you,” for his commitment to the St. Jude charity.

After seeing Eric retweeted her, Sherrie Hopper of Memphis, Tennessee, told him she was thankful for his support to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“Thank you for your commitment to St. Jude. This St. Jude family is eternally grateful,” Sherrie said.

Ms. Hopper was referring to the hospital’s successful, life-saving treatment of her nephew Zach’s cancer.

After Sherrie thanked him through her radio show’s Twitter account late last month, she was surprised Eric liked, then retweeted her. But that excitement was short-lived.

Soon she began receiving hateful messages from leftist Trump haters angry at her.

“This afternoon he retweeted it, and the hate that has come out is unreal. They not only attacked him, they said stuff to me,” Sherrie said in a Facebook video.

They attacked a St. Jude family for saying thank you to Eric Trump today. #WalkAway**Update I just hate they are attacking him and tweeting that hate to St. Jude. It's not about me. I just wanted to say thank you not open the flood gates of nastiness on him or the hospital ****

Posted by Sherrie Rae on Thursday, June 28, 2018

“You’re gonna attack a charity? You’re gonna attack a St. Jude family? Someone who went through hell for four years? Come on now. I’m seeing where they just have no boundaries, they don’t care, they have no conscience whatsoever.”

Sherrie also noted she was happy she “walked away” from the Democrat party when she did: “This just solidifies why I walked away.”

On Monday Eric thanked thanked Sherrie for the support, adding that “Sadly, nothing is off limits for some.”

Eric Trump has reportedly helped raise over $15 million for St. Jude.

Eric Trump appeared with Sherrie Hopper on the Tuesday edition of Fox & Friends.

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