Leftists fear that President Trump may exploit the coronavirus outbreak as an excuse to postpone the election and remain in power.

With over 233 cases and 14 deaths now being reported inside the U.S., some are concerned that the panic surrounding the outbreak will be hijacked to allow Trump to stay in the Oval Office beyond January 2021.

Numerous users took to Twitter to assert that Trump is deliberately botching the response to take political advantage of any potential pandemic.

The notion that Trump would use coronavirus as an excuse to delay the election is pretty far fetched given that he has repeatedly tried to downplay the issue.

Trump is also in a good position to win re-election, so unless his poll numbers tank, it wouldn’t make much sense to postpone the vote

However, it’s not just conspiracy-minded Twitter users who think a delayed election might be the outcome.

Author and social critic James Howard Kunstler points out that a deadlier second wave of coronavirus could return in November, mandating a postponement.

“There’s a possibility that Corona Virus might interfere with the election itself. Viral contagions are known to work in waves,” writes Kunstler.

“If this is the first wave now, then a second wave would arrive just about in time for election day, November 3. Second wave viral diseases can be more virulent than the first wave, which was the case with the so-called Spanish flu of 1918. And what if a substantial portion of voters don’t dare venture into public places full of their possibly infectious fellow citizens? Would Mr. Trump be forced to postpone the election, fulfilling his enemies’ fantasy that he seeks to become the American Caesar?”

Whether Trump downplays or overplays the threat posed by coronavirus, it seems he’ll be blamed either way.


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