Executive produced by activist and filmmaker Michael Moore, 21stCentureWire.com points out that the new documentary Planet of the Humans, dares to say what no one else will say on this Earth Day – the leading ‘green’ environmental activists, including Al Gore, have taken their followers down the wrong road – selling out the real environmental movement to some of wealthy corporate interests in America and the world.

This film is the wake-up call to the reality we are afraid to face: the mainstream environmental movement is pushing lies in the form of various techno-fixes and band-aids – all of which are reliant and use large quantities of fossil fuels and rare earth minerals. Have environmentalists fallen for a “green” illusion? More than any other documentary to date, this film exposes the wholesale fraud behind subsidized industries like biomass fuels, wind turbines, and even not-so ‘green’ electric car…

…and that is why Moore’s typical leftist cult following has turned on him so aggressively – facts don’t fit their narratives and cognitive dissonance is not a safe space.

In fact, as 21stCenturyWire.com reports, ever since Moore released the new documentary, leftwing green activists have leveled a furious attack against the filmmaker for daring to blow the whistle on the “green energy scam.” Moore, a hero of the political left, has now cast serious doubt over the efficacy of ‘renewables’, including solar and wind energy. Incredibly, many green groups and political operatives are now trying to get the film banned.

A recent report from Sky News in Australia talks about how the new film presents a number of inconvenient truths.


As VoxDay notes, who would have expected Michael Moore would take on one of the biggest shibboleths of the Left, the so-called Green movement and its massive globo-corporate charade of “renewable energy”:

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