The hits keeping coming for Target over their new bathroom policy (see This Father Issues Epic Takedown of Target’s ‘Bathroom Policy’ and HIDDEN CAM: Target Lets Man Use Ladies Rooms. Doesn’t Care About Women Who Might Complain…). Turns out women don’t really like the idea of peeing with men. Bunch of sexist transphobes. Well now the story has evolved with “offensive” signs mysteriously popping up in women’s toilet rooms…

Okay, does someone want to tell me why someone would be shocked at this sign? Or how it’s inflammatory? Oh goodie, a news story!

Okay, so it’s “shocking” and “inflamatory” because it says men might use the transgender law to their favor to peep little girls and women in the ladies room? Not to be a transphobic hater of men in dresses, but… HIDDEN CAM: Target Lets Man use Ladies Rooms. Doesn’t Care About Women Who Might Complain… Something to note about the story I just linked? The “transgender” man who took the hidden camera footage? He’s clearly not transgender. He just says he’s sometimes “uncomfortable” in the men’s room.Newsflash to people who want to continue painting those of us who are against men in ladies rooms as heartless devils: we’re really not so concerned with people who think they’re the other gender. We’re mostly concerned with perverts who will pretend they’re transgender so that they may be giant creepazoids. Like this man in Seattle who dropped his pants in a women’s locker room.

ThatsAPenis GIF

So I think the person who put up the bathroom sign? Good call. The only draw back is he or she (who can tell anymore?) had to enter a Target to post the sign. Hopefully they didn’t shop there.

Methinks more of this subtle resistance is yet to come, as people are frankly fed up with reality being bent to the twisted ways of the social justice movement.

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