A leftist demonstrator held a sign reading “Marx was right” during anti-Trump protests in Minneapolis Thursday, a stark contrast to signs held by Hong Kong demonstrators calling for liberation from communism.

The sign, praising the “father of communism” Karl Marx, was visible amid protests outside a massive Trump rally at the Target Center, where deranged anarchists attacked Trump supporters, confronted police and lit flags and MAGA hats on fire.

One leftist protester was even seen waving a Chinese flag, a show of support for the communist regime currently imposing its authoritarian rule on Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, protesters in Hong Kong fighting to maintain their sovereignty have been seen waving American flags and carrying banners calling on President Trump to help them, and denouncing the Chinese communists attempting to suppress free speech in the region.

The best hope America has to keep from sliding into fascism and authoritarianism at the hands of the left is President Trump.

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