Leftists have set their sights on the latest problematic word in their feverish attempt to rewrite language.

In an article for The Guardian Monday, writer Alex Halperin asks whether it’s time to stop using the word “Marijuana” due to its “racist roots.”

Halperin argues that since the term comes from Mexico, its use outside of the country must point to an attempt to “appeal to xenophobia.”

“At a time of intense interest in past injustices, some say ‘marijuana’ is a racist word that should fall out of use,” Halperin writes.

The article goes on to state that despite legalization, high arrests continue to be made in certain areas due to obvious racism.

“Statistics show different races use marijuana at roughly the same rate, but racial minorities are far more likely to face punishment,” Halperin says. “According to the American Civil Liberties Union, between 2001 and 2010, African Americans were arrested for marijuana possession at almost four times the rate of whites.”

Of course the simple explanation is that more police officers are patrolling black neighborhoods due to high violent crime rates, meaning marijuana users are more likely to be caught in those areas.

While no one denies the obvious over-the-top narrative pushed by the government during the reefer-madness era, the notion that marijuana arrests are solely the result of racism is disproven by the facts.

Twitter users were quick to criticize the story for what they felt was yet another non-issue.

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