Leftists have been celebrating and cheering Black Lives Matter and antifa destroying other people’s neighborhoods for five days in a row but now they’re up in arms over some white guys defending their own towns from the roaming mobs.

This hilarious clip out of Snohomish, Washington was shared Sunday on Twitter by a leftist who lamented how the town was “trash.”

It ended up going viral on right-wing Twitter with people pointing out how awesome it looked and how there were no looters.

The original poster ended up deleting the tweet.

Saturday night rioters and looters took to downtown Austin to set fires, loot stores and attack citizens in a long and violent night

Another couple of leftoids shared video crying about the same scene later that night:

Here’s a video from Bellevue, Washington on Sunday evening showing a group of neighbors defending the entrance to their neighborhood with “LARGE GUNS.”

“All these white people, look at them with their guns,” the driver laments. “Look at that little boy, he’s a young man with a gun! He’s like 16!”

“This is a little residential area right near the rioters/ looters in Bellevue – right by my kid’s school. People in the burbs aren’t having it. And yes, even here in leftist democratic leaning Seattle – some of us believe in 2A,” Brian Lockhart said on Twitter.

Lest anyone think this is merely performative, an armed cigar shop owner together with a partner in Bellevue on Sunday were filmed driving a large group of looters out their shop in a dramatic scene:

The looters trashed the place along with other adjacent businesses which were already reeling from the corona shutdown:

Bellevue police chief Steve Mylett it appears was too busy staging photo-ops and “taking a knee” with protesters to send cops out to respond (just like Art Acevedo in Austin).

Bellevue police told people to not even bother calling 911 to report looting.

Not surprisingly, looters had a night out on the town.


Only a handful of people appear to have been arrested.

We need more folks trained like the brave patriots above and we need them more than ever.

We’ll have to wait and see whether the spineless authorities charge these fine folks for defending themselves as is happening in Minneapolis.

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