On Wednesday, the White House released a list of charities that President Trump will donate to as part of the Hurricane Harvey relief effort, and leftists were once again triggered into spewing hate.

After whining and complaining that there had been no announcement of exactly who Trump would give the $1 million he has promised, leftists had to redirect their vitriol when an announcement was made.

And then this… no fanfare:

Among other sizable donations, Trump will donate $300,000 to The Red Cross and Salvation Army.

So, did the hate stop there? Pffff no. All kinds of triggering was suddenly in effect.

Some complained that there were not enough gay or minority charities on the list.

Others, who have presumably donated more, complained a million dollars isn’t enough money:

Others STILL don’t believe Trump will actually give anything:

Lets hear it for the keyboard warriors, sitting at home, doing nothing productive and spewing hate at a rich person donating money to charity.

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