Leftists in the mainstream media and deranged detractors in general are worried that Senator Rand Paul, who has a staunch anti-war constitution, has become President Trump’s senior advisor on foreign policy.

Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin declared a “Welcome to the world of President Rand Paul,” in a piece that slammed Trump for paying too much attention to Paul’s worldview.

“Several U.S. officials and people who have spoken directly to Trump since his Syria decision tell me they believe that Paul’s frequent phone conversations with Trump, wholly outside the policy process, are having an outsize influence on the president’s recent foreign policy decisions,” a worried Rogin writes.

“Officials told me that, throughout the national security bureaucracy, everyone is aware that Paul’s voice is one to which the president is paying increasing attention.” the writer adds.

How frightening. Trump is listening to perhaps the only person in Washington who isn’t thirsty for more illegal and wasteful war in the Middle East.

“Paul has a history of pushing false claims and theories,” Rogin claims, not realizing the horrible irony in that statement given the years of lies and subterfuge used by so called foreign policy ‘experts’ in misadventures such as the Iraq and Libya invasions.

“The existing concern over Paul’s influence on Russia policy has now boiled over with respect to Syria,” Rogin further whines.

He continues that “In the run-up to 2020, Trump should realize that most Republicans—and most Americans—favor a robust U.S. foreign policy.”

Apparently, for this deranged leftist, ‘robust’ equates to never ending occupation of foreign countries to the detriment of the military and the economy of the U.S.

Most Americans do not actually support this ‘robust’ position, and they havn’t for years.

“Ideally, Trump will soon realize that adopting Paul’s vision for the future of U.S. foreign policy is not only dangerous for our national security but bad politics as well,” Rogin continues to blather, showing just how far removed from reality he is.

Rogin and his ilk were all for limiting American militarism when Obama campaigned on it. When the former President failed to deliver on those promises it suddenly became OK to support never ending war.

“Trump has already decided to slash the U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan, which Paul has long pushed. Is South Korea next?” Rogin frets.

God Forbid!

“Trump often says he wants to bring U.S. troops there home, too. Paul’s idea is to swap out U.S. soldiers with Chinese troops, which would be a huge blow to U.S. leadership in Asia.” the writer claims.

By taking the position that U.S. leadership about having thousands of troops stationed all over the planet, this fake news pushing leftist is taking the exact same position as the lunatic neocon warmongers that lurk in the Washington shadows.

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