Leonardo DiCaprio used the platform of his Oscar success last night to lecture tens of millions of viewers about global warming, but the actor failed to mention that he routinely uses a CO2 belching private jet to travel between L.A. and New York.

After receiving his award for best actor, DiCaprio launched into a rant about man-made climate change.

“Climate change is real,” he said. “It is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat affecting our species. We need to work together and stop procrastinating.”

The Revenant star went on to assert that global warming was “the most urgent threat affecting our entire species” and that it even affected the making of the movie for which he won the Oscar.

“Our production needed to move to the southern tip of this planet just to find snow,” he said, claiming 2015 was the “hottest year on record.”

However, DiCaprio’s passion for protecting the planet doesn’t even extend to his own travel habits.

While lecturing everyone else about their impact on the earth, DiCaprio routinely flies between New York and L.A. in a carbon dioxide-spewing private jet.

After the Sony email leak last year it was revealed that the Wolf of Wall Street actor “took six private roundtrip private jet flights” in the space of just six weeks between April and May 2014.

Travel records also show that DiCaprio took a private jet from L.A. to Las Vegas and stayed in Sin City for just eight hours before flying home again.

“Each time the studio picked up the cost of the plane as well as catering and car service at the departure and arrival destinations,” reports the Daily Mail.

DiCaprio’s hypocrisy is even more evident given his financial support for Green World Rising, which encourages visitors to its website to ‘lighten their carbon load’ and even includes a CO2 calculator to help people take “meaningful action” to reduce their carbon footprint.

For DiCaprio, it’s very much a case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’.


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