Less people attended presidential contender Bill de Blasio’s event than a recent high school Class of ’78 reunion hosted by the same venue.

The New York mayor, who’s polling at near 0% in the 2020 Democratic race, spoke for nearly an hour at the Parlor City Pub in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Sunday morning, and only drew in about 12 to 15 people, according to these photos and other media reports:

In comparison, the Parlor City Pub hosted a LaSalle High School Class of ’78 reunion last Sept. whichdrew in a lot more people.

And a live music event held at the pub on a Sunday also drew in more-or-less the same amount of people as the de Blasio event, which leads one to wonder if some of the people at his event were just there to eat.

Lack of attendance is simply a symptom of a larger problem de Blasio is facing: lack of voter enthusiasm.

“I liked a lot of what he said, [but] I thought in his prepared comments he focused too much on working people,” one attendee told the New York Post. “He did not say anything that would sway me that he would be my choice as a candidate.”

“Nothing made him stand out among the other two dozen people.”

Her last statement leads to another point: there’s still more Democrats in the 2020 race than there were people at the de Blasio event.

And as previously reported, de Blasio wasn’t even the second choice for president among Democrat poll respondents who also said he wasn’t their first choice, either.

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