Carmen Reynolds
January 14, 2010

TO: Andy Schotz,

Chairman of the Society of Professional Journalists Ethics Committee

Fred Brown, Vice-Chair

Dear Andy and Fred, June 19, 2009

I called SPJ today because of my concern over the current violation of journalism ethics I witness on a daily basis. To put it bluntly, it’s an outright embarrassment.

In today’s paper, it wasALL about the murdered abortion doctor, but made no mention of the soldier killed and the others wounded.

There are countless daily incidents of purposeful omission by journalists more interested in preserving their jobs, and promoting liberal ideas than avidly ferreting out the truth exist.

Countless daily incidents of purposeful omission by journalists more interested in preserving their jobs, and promoting liberal ideas than avidly ferreting out the truth exist.

And the majority of these purposeful omissions are seriously harming America’s citizens. I will cite a specific example: keeping the details of legislation AWAY from the American public until it either passes in the darkness of night or apprising them AFTER the FACT. Most Mainstream Media TV stations are NOT covering things that are important to citizens’ rights, liberties and freedoms. This seems to go on and on ad nauseam. WHY didn’t the media demand the transparency the Administration touted —when there was no five-day review period for legislation? Americans were betrayed by their own government and the media that is supposed to be looking out for their interests. They (we) didn’t even get 24 hours to review the first budget. And who was the actual author of this bill? Did any journalist really ask? Who had time to write an 1,100-page document that no one had time to read?

Where are the stories of how overpopulation because of immigration laws is driving America over an impending cliff? That overpopulation will soon contribute to political instability? While our politicians pander to potential voters – welcoming and making comfortable with benefits and social programs those living in America illegally.

Where are the stories about the 35 Terrorist Training Camps on American soil since 2002 without being on a State Department Watch List?Coupled with an existent Islamic Terror Network, the combination of these two organizations training people to kill us blankets our United States. Where are the stories reflecting how California’s bankruptcy can be blamed on its socialist state – a path being paved daily for the U.S. — where no government can sustain itself when social service outlays exceed revenues generated by taxpaying businesses and employees?

Since when does political correctness outweigh our obligation to tell the truth and not only save American lives but our critical resources such as land, air, fuel, water and food? Where are the stories about the energy resources we have within the United States that could be cultivated to make us energy independent – except that many in Congress won’t support it? WHY? Who is pulling the strings?

Where are the stories about the financial dealings of Al Gore and how he stands to profit from Cap and Trade which is a tax in disguise? Why can’t 30,000 scientists who have debunked the Global Warming Agenda obtain five minutes on a major news network to tell the American public the truth — that we are being had? Again, who is pulling the strings and why, why, why are journalists NOT asking these hard questions as watchdogs? And most important, where are the Mainstream News TV broadcasts and print stories telling parents they will lose parental rights if the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Treaty passes, giving control of our children to the UN?

Did I really state the removal of our rights as parents and transference to the United Nations? Yes, this is exactly what is intended by Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer and the entire Council on Foreign Relations whose agenda is to undermine the sovereignty of our United States. These are the stakes if journalists continue to keep these secrets to protect the powerful wanting the one world government endgame. After all, Hillary once said, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

What we have here IS a village of the biggest villains – the media – complicit in its march to facilitate this One World Order government- the utopian society where the middle class is being destroyed, and only the Power Elite and the slaves are left standing. A villain that knows the psychology of mass behavior all too well with its ability to shape public opinion and foreign policy – taking advantage of impressionable masses that count on spoon feeding where only “seeing is believing.“

Why are Americans not being told about HR 416, introduced by socialist progressive Democrats calling for the Senate to approve all treaties, including the Law of the Sea Treaty which would give control of our waters to the International Seabed Authority and heavily tax anything that uses, flies over, operates under the water, pollutes it or pours into it? We are talking $1 million fees annually to operate an oil drilling position under the water! What will this treaty do to the remainder of US businesses left standing? Cap-n-Trade will wipe out the coal industry and consumers’ pocketbooks for utility costs.

Yes, I said slaves after Cap and Trade (HR 2454) is ramrodded through. Slaves after socialized healthcare rationing ensures genocide. Slaves when the Feds grab control over all bodies of water private and public (S. 787), including our food supply (HR 875), ensuring we eat genetically modified garbage while they continue to spray us and our atmosphere, water and soil with barium, strontium, aluminum and other metals making us more susceptible to the weaponized viruses they’re purposely creating in one of the 1,200 bioweapons laboratories that shouldn’t even exist. Weapons labs designed to create cancers, weaponized rabies and bat viruses capable of spreading without a victim even being bitten or scratched.

[efoods]Aluminum is being released out of airplanes spraying chemtrails at seven times the EPA’s allowable maximum for aluminum. Is it any wonder that Alzheimer’s disease is projected to bankrupt the healthcare industry? How come no entity is warning the population? These chemtrails are sickening us. While previous Administrations did nothing and the current one calls for more geo-engineering, the CDC continues in its cover up and you, the media, continue to NOT do your jobs. Why has the CDC not provided any answers to the 40 congressmen and senators who requested an expedited investigation two years ago into Morgellons Disease of which almost 20,000 Americans suffer? How these errant journalists can look themselves in the mirror is beyond comprehension.

And the biggest journalism question of the year shows no signs of ever being addressed: Why are Obama’s attorneys spending $1 million to hide all of his documents that would confirm that he is a natural born citizen and eligible for the office of president – key information that should have been made available before they voted? Why are you doing nothing about this? White House visitors’ logs not made available? Please tell me what the definition of transparency is again.

What I describe are critical concerns on topics vital to our survival as individuals and as a nation. These purposeful omissions are in one word – criminal.

Many are getting a free pass while others are under heavy scrutiny.The public is missing things because of the media’s purposeful complacency and selective identification. Smart consumers are growing tired of the propaganda and the lies…………….as evidenced by declining subscriptions and advertising revenues.

Yes, the recession and economy have a great deal to do with this —–but the real catalyst is the lies. Can’t we DEMAND journalism do better to protect what is left of America our Republic? But now as media gets into financial trouble, government bailouts will ensure even less truth sees the light of day because after all, a dog knows better than to bite the hand that feeds it. Why no outrage over ABC?

I am outraged and embarrassed every single day by the continued complicity and negligent behavior of journalists who facilitate this march toward one world government and the aborting of capitalism. Keep in mind that every last one of these journalists and their families will be thrown under the bus once the middle class is eradicated and the utopian state is attained – pure evil for a liberty loving people.

We have an outright obligation to DEMAND the truth and nothing but the truth be told via every word in our print or broadcast products. We must insist journalists perform better for the people they are charged with representing(misrepresenting) and protecting.

Journalism hasn’t been and clearly is NO LONGER the watchdog of government ———–but its lapdog.

Carmen Reynolds, Lt Col (Ret), USAF

Investigative journalist, copy editor, researcher

Radio show host

First Amendment Foundation

Society of Professional Journalists

BS, Criminology and Law Enforcement

MA, Business Personnel Management

BA, Journalism

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