It’s been months now that Lexus has been teasing its working hoverboard called “Slide,” but now we finally get to see it in action.

The below video of Hoverboard test rider Ross McGouran and some friends trying out the board on Lexus’ custom-built skate park is truly cool and feels a bit like watching a childhood fantasy realized, except that it’s not quite the fantasy as we know it from “Back to the Future: Part II.”

The first thing to know about the Slide is that it’s basically a maglev board propelled by the rider, which means it will only work over a magnetized surface. So nobody will be flying all over Hill Valley or just about anywhere else except for Lexus’ specially built skate park. That also means you won’t be able to buy one anytime soon, the whole thing is just an exercise in brand-building for Lexus.

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Editor’s note: Here’s another video of the guys at Jalopnik trying out the Lexus Hoverboard.

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