It is undeniable the LGBT movement has grown in acceptance, public opinion, influence and, more recently, in boldness throughout the West.

Almost simultaneously, Christians in America became less active, visible, and vocal in public while LGBT proponents gladly stepped in. As our passion for truth and biblical morality decreased, those fighting against God and Christian values have become more committed and emboldened.

We might trace this incremental transfer of influence back to the early 1960s, when homosexuality as an identity was first recognized. Prior to that time, the word “gay” was not used to describe homosexuals, and those who practiced the lifestyle were considered in need of psychological treatment because it was classified as a disorder by the medical profession.

If we only listen to the liberal media, Hollywood, government, and culture today, LGBT rights trump all others while Christianity is belittled and considered abnormal. Sadly, the minority are the ones with the loudest voices. Though not all are hostile and agenda-driven, the activists refuse to allow disagreement or dissent any longer. If you do not conform to the takeover, you may be steamrolled, silenced, and if they have their way, exiled.

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