Ben Carson once again rose above liberal mockery Monday night with a statement that links the faith Carson holds dear with the nation he seeks to serve.

On Monday night, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly asked the Republican presidential candidate to respond to comments from talk show host Bill Maher.

“He can separate conjoined twins but he can’t separate fact from fiction,” Maher had said, ridiculing his interpretation of Carson’s views on creationism.

Maher then quoted Carson as having said that Darwin’s theory of evolution was “encouraged by the adversary,” before Maher added, in a stage whisper, “The devil.”

O’Reilly played the audio of Maher’s comments, then asked Carson, “Are you really a creationist? Do you subscribe to Adam and Eve, and the garden of Eden, and that’s where we came from?”

Carson’s response mingled his faith and his patriotism.

“Well, I certainly believe that God is our creator,” Carson said. “And interestingly enough, if you look at our founding document, the Declaration of Independence, it talks about certain inalienable rights given to us by our creator.”

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