A lesbian who identified as a liberal says she has switched political affiliations after a recent leftist hate hoax.

In a lengthy thread, Twitter user Christina Andrews announced she was tired of everything from liberal support for Antifa violence to the left’s promotion of 11-year-old drag kid Desmond the Amazing.

“You know what? Fuck it. I’m done. As of today, I’ve swallowed the red pill,” she wrote on Sunday.

“I’ve tried half-heartedly defending the left ever since it was obvious we were only getting half the story in the Rodney King debacle,” Andrews wrote, adding, “No more.”

Andrews says she’s grown weary of defending the “transcult” that is imposing the “sexualization of children” and “drag queen storytimes.”

But the final straw, Andrews says, was last week’s hate hoax involving Georgia State Representative Erica Thomas, who claimed a Hispanic man told her to go back where she came from – only to later backtrack and retract those claims.

“[T]he last straw was Erica Thomas and her hate hoax, and the way the leftist media and virtue-signaling politicians accepted and repeated the lie without doing the least bit of research into the claim,” she says, comparing the media debacle to the Covington catholic student controversy.

“That was a sign to me that it’s finally time to let go. Time to stop making excuses for a movement that stirs up racial strife and feeds on knee-jerk reactions, raw emotion, and mob mentality over examining the facts.”

Read the rest of Andrews’ post, where she credits Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson with correctly assessing the right’s new role as the new counterculture.

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