Matt Ryan
January 11, 2011

Editor’s Note from Alex Jones: What we have here is a clear case of a self-fulfilling prophecy. The national and local media knew exactly what they were doing. They hyped to a pool of 300 million Americans over and over again that a deranged tea partier is going to gun politicians down. Then, a highly suggestible paranoid schizophrenic acts on the hype and the media instantly blames the tea party. If they continue to hype this, it will cause more deranged copycats to act.

The terrible shooting in Tucson, Arizona left six dead including federal Judge John Roll and critically injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was the act of a 22-year-old that was immediately profiled as a tea party member. The mainstream media focused on two points in his many ramblings including government mind control and refusing to use a currency not backed by gold and silver. What is most curious about this is that it appears he was profiled as the shooter before there even was a shooting. In multiple interviews with Rep. Giffords, the idea of a tea party activist using violence against her was brought up either right before or after mention of the upcoming vote to recall controversial health care reform.

In the video below, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was interviewed about an incident where the front door of her office was shattered while stock footage of tea party protesters waiving the Gadsden flag were rolling. The interview was steered in a direction that would indicate that the tea party is posing a violent threat against democrat lawmakers. They touch on Sarah Palin’s use of crosshairs on her site, explaining that this could potentially cause someone to use violence against the democrats featured in the graphic.

There is an undeniable coincidence between this incident and the timing of the votes to repeal the health care bill taking place this week. Any act of violence towards democratic leaders, especially the ones most invested in the success of health care reform would have all but guaranteed the vote would have failed. The Congresswoman took part in an interview (video below) shortly before the shooting where she spoke about a vote taking place to repeal the health care bill, stating clearly it would never pass and if it did President Obama would veto it.

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Keith Olbermann began a special comment after the event by calling for Americans to put their guns away and end an era of “dangerous” political rallies and gun shows. During his statement, he used the tragedy that occurred in Arizona, killing a federal judge and critically injuring Rep. Giffords as leverage for a call against border control and for gun control. In what he calls the end of a “dangerous era of blurring political rallies with gun shows”, his statements all but blame Sarah Palin and other politicians for the shooting. While their rhetoric and use of metaphors could be considered without class, there is no clear evidence that the shooter (Jared Lee Loughner) was anything but a liberal himself.

Jared Lee Loughner was no stranger to local law enforcement . His ramblings and death threats had been reported to them in the past, and their response was to write him off as another lunatic. His rants and ramblings covered a vast array of topics though the two the media has focused on cover government mind control and fiat currency. In a time when law enforcement sends people to mental institutions against their will for protesting their policies, and imposing mandatory mental screening on children, how did he go unchecked for so long?


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