A Pennsylvania school district has introduced a new line of defense against potential threats to campuses: arming teachers with 16-inch long, miniature baseball bats.

School Superintendent William Hall proclaimed, “The bats are more symbolic than anything,” but many Millcreek Township School District parents are unhappy with the decision.

“It’s not going to make some shooter stop and say, ‘Hey, I probably shouldn’t go in and do this,'” Jo Ellen Barish, a Parent Teacher Association president said.

“The people who do these things aren’t planning on getting away alive. It’s not like they have a fear of being hurt,” she continued.

Pro-gun advocates who argue armed teachers would deter criminals better than 16-inch bats will have to wait for legal changes to be made because it is illegal to possess a weapon on school grounds under Pennsylvania law.

Another Pennsylvania school district resorted to arming students and staff with buckets of rocks.

If America continues to allow ridiculous ‘solutions’ like this to prevail we might end up like London where they are now banning knives.

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