Liberals on social media expressed outrage after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared immensely likable on NBC’s The Tonight Show Thursday.

In a two-part interview with Jimmy Fallon, Trump encouraged children to strive to become president “to help people,” explained how he stays healthy and clarified why having positive relations with foreign superpowers like Russia is a good thing.

The interview went extremely well, with Trump receiving several rounds of applause and cheers from the audience, but the show’s host was later slammed on social media by the candidate’s detractors who accused Fallon of helping the businessman’s campaign.

At the end of his segment, the studio crowd went wild as Trump let Fallon touch his hair – a video which has gone viral and has been viewed over a million times as of writing.

Following the successful appearance, liberals immediately took to Twitter to complain that Fallon had made Trump appear personable.


Here are a few of those tweets, as noted by the regressive leftists over at Raw Story:

Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton will also appear on The Tonight Show on Monday, September 19.

Watch the rest of The Donald’s appearance below:

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