The shocking news that a letter containing white powder was sent to Donald Trump Jr. and opened by his wife who was then hospitalized was followed almost immediately by liberals celebrating and joking about it.

Vanessa Trump was taken to hospital and underwent decontamination after a letter addressed to her husband containing an unknown white powder was sent to her apartment.

“After the letter was opened, three people at the residence were taken to New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center strictly as a precaution, the New York City Fire Department said,” reports NBC News. Vanessa Trump reportedly became nauseous and suffered a coughing fit when she opened the envelope containing the powder.

Despite the obviously disturbing nature of the incident, leftists on Twitter wasted no time in making fun of what could eventually be treated as an attempt at domestic terrorism.

“Tragic… that jr. didn’t open it!” remarked Michael Seraphim.

“Oh what a shame. LOL,” another user sardonically remarked.

“Am I supposed to feel sorry for her?” asked another. “Come on anthrax,” remarked another.

“She and two others were decontaminated” Because of the unidentified powder or because they’d come into contact with Trump Jr?” joked Simon Thompson, a producer for BBC News and Reuters.

Huffington Post contributor Tara Dublin took the crazy to a new level, pondering whether the whole incident was in fact a cover-up for a cocaine binge because Trump’s Jr.’s wife “would have to be on all the drugs” to be married to him.

This idiocy was replicated by writer David Klion, who tweeted, “I know people are saying it could be anthrax, but my preferred theory is that Don Jr. asked one of his buddies to mail him cocaine.”

Not to be outdone, others claimed the entire incident was staged by Donald Trump Jr. himself.

While the mainstream media continues to smear Trump supporters as bigoted and hateful, reality continues to prove that the most vicious vitriol is coming from a very different direction.


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