Kudos to Salon. While Conservatives have been told that they’re crazy, and that “nobody wants to take your guns away!” Salon has the courage to admit that what liberals really want (what they’ve always wanted) is to completely repeal the Second Amendment…

We know this intuitively, since we’ve had to add numerous amendments to make up for their failures, lack, or just plain ignorance. But if we can add, we can also take away, by interpreting the Second Amendment differently or passing a new amendment that would effectively repeal it. We should never do so lightly, of course—taking away rights can be, and often is, a risky enterprise. But the purpose of a right should be individual and collective flourishing. A right, in other words, has as its goal the individual and common good, even if we don’t like to use such weighty moral terminology nowadays.

It’s not clear to me that gun ownership accomplishes that purpose. It seems more the case that it works against the good of all, in the havoc and murder it wreaks but also in the fear that in promotes. At the very least, we should have a discussion about the relationship of guns to the common good, instead of appealing like a fundamentalist to “rights” every time something happens that questions their value.

Flat-out, YES the left wants an all-out ban on guns. We’re not surprised by this at all, but for some liberals who think “gun control” is all about thorough background checks, limited capacity magazines, or the banning of scary guns based on their blackness or pistol grips, this could be news. Hopefully you’re sitting down. We told you so. Times a million.


To our faces when they’re on national TV or on the Twitterverse, liberals say “Nah, we don’t want to ban your guns,” but a mere few seconds later they praise the policy of Australia, which did enact a flat out ban (read Obama Praises Australia’s Gun Ban. The Actual Results… ). Incidentally, that same ban has resulted in more guns in Australia than ever before. Yes, really. Read Australia’s Gun Ban Results in More Guns Than Ever…New Findings.

So we do sincerely thank Salon.com for boldly going where all liberals have been living the entire time, but in secret. What they’ve whispered behind closed doors, new-wave leftists are now shouting from the rooftops. No more guns. Birth control for all. Lots of pedophilia, because they’re not monsters after all, just misunderstood (read No, Salon.com, I don’t Need to ‘Understand’ the Plight of Pedophiles). No really,Salon.com openly provides a platform for, and supports pedophiles.


Leftists have precisely the same respect for the Second Amendment that they have for the First Amendment. Lastly, Salon also thinks it’s totally fine to shoot people who own guns. Their reasoning? If you have a gun and you might use it one day, you should know how it feels. Read Salon.com Demands All Gun-Owners to be Shot. Yes, Really…

No wonder gun-control is the single most losing issue for leftists. Please Salon, by all means… continue.

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