Liberal students attending the University of Texas in Austin enthusiastically signed ‘The Ebola Equality Act of 2014’ – expressing their support for a program to deliberately import Ebola victims from West Africa, give them free medical treatment and place them in volunteer housing.

Students were presented with the text of the act, which allows for Ebola victims to receive funding to enter the United States, “receive a bus ticket or flight anywhere in the country,” “temporary housing” and hospital treatment. Those signing the petition were also given the option to personally house symptomatic Ebola patients.

While many have slammed the CDC and the federal government for refusing to impose a flight ban on travelers from West Africa entering the United States, some liberals who signed the petition agreed that it would be “racist” to do so and that Ebola victims should be allowed to roam free across America.

One woman who signed the petition agreed that the CDC was doing a good job and that the whole issue had become “racialized.”

“We can get them football tickets, baseball tickets, hang out,” states Infowars reporter Joe Biggs as another student signs the petition.

One of the signatories even admits that she is studying to become a nurse as she signs a petition to deliberately let Ebola victims into the country unmonitored.

Only a few individuals refused to sign the petition over the course of an hour, while Biggs was able to collect 17 signatures from people who supported the act, including eleven who agreed to house symptomatic Ebola victims in their own homes.

The footage underscores how many on the left have been swayed by media talking points which suggested that being concerned about the Ebola outbreak in the United States and the CDC’s botched response to the crisis was somehow racist or politically incorrect.

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