Liberals in San Diego signed a petition calling for Donald Trump to be hit with “hate crimes” charges and imprisoned for ten years.

Social commentator Mark Dice told leftists that the petition would lead to Attorney General Loretta Lynch stripping Trump of his First Amendment rights and throwing him in jail, and most of them eagerly agreed to sign it.

“Will you help us indict Donald Trump on hate crimes charges?” Dice asks two women, one of whom responds, “I f**king hate that man,” before signing the petition.

“Would you agree that anything we can do, by any means necessary to silence him?” asked Dice, to which the woman responded, “You’re right, yes, yes.”

The woman then follows up by stating, “I don’t know whether we’re going to get him in jail, but we’re going to f**k him with our government,” before high-fiving Dice.

“Does this guy think he has a First Amendment or what? In today’s new world order, you really think we’re going to be tolerating people criticizing people like Hillary? I don’t think so,” Dice tells another two men who sign the petition.

Three women then blithely agree with Dice’s call to imprison Trump for hate speech as he tells them, “England’s been doing that for a long time now, so we’re going to try to bring that to America.”

“That’s awesome,” one of the women responds.

“Jail for Donald Trump!” exclaims Dice, before the three women give him high-fives.

“We’re trying to jail Donald Trump on hate speech charges,” Dice tells another Hispanic looking man.

“Oh yeah, f**k that guy,” he immediately responds before signing the petition and asking Dice if he’s heard of the “F**k Donald Trump” song.

However, one of the man’s friends appears to have some knowledge of the bill of rights, commenting, “Actually, he can say anything under the First Amendment.”

Another man supports signing the petition for Trump to be arrested to “ensure Hillary or the Democrats get in.”

“Anything we can to get rid of him, wouldn’t you agree?” Dice asks the man.

“Ah f**k him, uh huh,” he responds.

Another African-American woman at the end of the clip agrees that Trump must be stopped “at any cost”.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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