In the latest example of the left’s hatred for all things representing America, liberals are pissed that Hollywood superstar Chris Pratt wore a “Don’t Tread on Me” t-shirt showing an American flag and the famous coiled snake.

The Gadsden Flag, created by Christopher Gadsden, a brigadier general in the Continental Army, became popular among US colonists during the revolutionary war as a message to the oppressive British regime.

A staff writer for New York Magazine’s Vulture, tweeted a photo of Pratt alongside a zoomed-in image of his t-shirt and her followers responded with anger.

Yahoo News originally titled their article, “Chris Pratt Criticised For ‘White Supremacist’ T-Shirt,” but changed it to, “Chris Pratt Criticised For T-Shirt Choice.”

In the tweets below, people are shocked and mad that the actor would dare sport a patriotic t-shirt referring to the battle cry of the movement that paved the way for their very existences.

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