Democrats and liberals are habitually unable to understand.

Anybody the establishment installs in government will do the bidding of our globalist rulers. This includes Massachusetts Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Democrats and liberals consider Warren a warrior against Wall Street and a champion of the little guy. Enamored with this media hyped persona and Warren’s tough rhetoric the average liberal suddenly develops blindness to a less palatable side of the former Harvard Law School professor – she is a committed proponent of the war on terror and advocates positions nearly indistinguishable from the Bush neocons so loathed by Democrats who are mesmerized by the contrived false left-right paradigm.

Earlier this month we examined Warren’s positions on foreign policy:

The New Republic, an establishment Democrat centerpiece, is selling Elizabeth Warren as Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare. Liberals praise to the heavens Warren’s anti-Wall Street and populist cred while ignoring her stance on war and dogged maintenance of the national security state.

“We need to continue our aggressive efforts against Al Qaeda, and we need to continue to support the efforts of our intelligence, law enforcement, homeland security, and military professionals,” Warren states on the foreign policy section of her Senate campaign web page.

She touts the neocon line on Iran, insisting it represents a mortal danger to the United States and continues, despite facts to the contrary, a pursuit of nuclear weapons.

“The same progressives who refused to vet Barack Obama’s views on foreign policy when he ran for president in 2008, and who now feel betrayed that he is not the liberal savior they imagined him to be, are repeating their mistake with Warren,” warns liberal Max Blumenthal. “With AIPAC leading the push for war at the height of an election campaign, there is no better time to demand accountability from candidates like Warren. Who does she serve? The liberal grassroots forces that made her into a populist hero or the lobby seeking to drag the US into a dubious, potentially catastrophic war? It is far better for progressives to grill her on her foreign policy positions before the campaign is over than after the next war begins.”

Now renowned expert on foreign policy, author and former State Department employee William Blum has added his voice to the bamboozled chorus. He would have Warren sit on the Supreme Court when the aged and ailing Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires. “She shouldn’t just be added back to the short list of potential replacements for Ginsburg or anyone else who retires,” Blum argues, “her name belongs at the top.”

Bill Blum, who should know better, plays the bogus left-vs-right game like a champ.

“When it comes to the Supreme Court, liberals and progressives can’t afford to be timid in the face of Republican opposition,” he writes for Truthdig, a news and commentary website established by Robert Scheer, the Berkeley New Left radical who collaborated with David Horowitz. Horowitz is now a strident neocon specializing in trouncing the left and chortling loud and long for and endless war on manufactured terror.

Installing Warren on the Court will serve a raft of social issues near and dear to Democrats. It will, however, do nothing to end the interminable war on terror.

Finally if Ms. Warren is indeed serious about economic issues and leashing the bankster mafia, she would call for the dissolution of the Federal Reserve. She has not done this.

Instead Warren believes the cartel should function as a piggy bank for social programs. In early 2013 she called for the Fed to fund student loans by setting the interest rate on those loans at 0.75 percent for a year.

No doubt the banksters had a good laugh over that one.

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