Kurt Nimmo
March 28, 2010

It probably wasn’t a good idea. A young man who identified himself as a Libertarian and a Ron Paul supporter was brutally attacked after giving Sarah Palin a piece of his mind at a Tea Party Express rally in Mesa, Arizona. The Tea Party Express is a front organization for Republicans who claim they own the Tea Party concept (in fact, they stole it from Libertarians).

Tea Party supporters apparently now double for brownshirt thugs. They are indistinguishable from John McCain neanderthals. They are intolerant and believe Libertarians should be assaulted for daring to speak out.

As noted below, it wasn’t Tea Party supporters who attacked the man in Arizona. It was John McCain supporters. But now that Sarah Palin has turned Tea Party events into McCain rallies, can we truthfully say there is any difference?

Republicans have finally delivered a death blow to the Tea Party movement. It is now a verifiable faction of the Republican party. Super star Sarah wants to bomb Iran. She is a neocon. And so is everybody who follows the Tea Party Express.

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It really is quite amazing how easily the Tea Party movement was compromised and turned into a gaggle of Republican platform mumbling Stepford wives.

“As Palin took the podium at the rally for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), hecklers began to disrupt her remarks,” reports KNXV. “One of the hecklers, who said his name is Alex, was removed from the auditorium. He can be seen in the video… being tackled by three men — one identified as a police officer in plain clothes, a man in a McCain T-shirt and another man.”

“I hate Obama,” insisted Alex after his face was pushed against the pavement. “I don’t like Obama. I’m a Libertarian. I’m trying to save America. I like America, I like Americans — I just don’t like John McCain.”

Two McCain thugs assaulted a man for the crime of speaking his mind, albeit out of turn. It wasn’t enough to simply escort him off the property. He had to be thrown to the pavement and stomped on. Is this the sort of treatment Libertarians should now expect at Republican Borg hive Tea Party rallies where the rock star Sarah throws her support behind John McCain? It is not enough the neocons hijacked the Tea Party movement. Now they insist on trouncing Libertarians, the very people who originated the movement.

In Tempe, Arizona, while campaigning for McCain, Palin said: “Anyone who uses threats of violence will be in my crosshairs.” She was talking about Americans outraged over Obama’s totalitarian care passed by Congress who have said less than polite things. No actual violence has occurred.

As for Libertarians… well, they should expect to be thrown to the pavement.

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