Proving that Godwin’s Law is real for the zillionth time, anti-Trump zombies immediately brought up Adolf Hitler when discussing President Trump’s proposed military parade:

There’s hundreds, if not thousands, of similar tweets; however, unlike Hitler, President Trump has no plans to wage war against Europe for more “living space.”

In contrast, the European Union – which more-or-less followed Hitler’s vision for a “unified Europa” – is threatening
military force against Central European nations that refuse to provide “living space” for Middle Eastern migrants.

Furthermore, the US already has military parades across the nation on Veteran’s Day. Where’s the outrage then?

And, ironically enough, the people comparing Trump to Hitler likely voted for Hillary Clinton, who supported the War in Iraq, the “regime change” in Libya which left a power vacuum for ISIS to exploit, and the attempted overthrow of President Assad in Syria.

If Clinton was elected president, it’s likely the US would have vastly expanded military actions overseas given that she once admitted she simply “takes orders” from the CFR and other globalist think-tanks which war gamed past military conflicts.



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