Kurt Nimmo
February 8, 2011

The folks over at Think Soros, otherwise known as Think Progress, are freaking out over a plan in Montana to establish a state militia.

“In a nod to extremism, Montana state Rep. Wendy Warburton (R) is introducing a bill to bring the militia movement into the mainstream by creating what she dubs ‘home guards’ to provide services in case major emergencies,” writes Tanya Somanader.

Think Soros and the SPLC insist this is part of a frightening rightwing trend. According to the Montana Human Rights Network’s Jamee Greer, Montana’s state militia will be like a magnet for all sorts of nefarious and scary anti-government types.

But what really sticks in their craw is the lack of federal oversight. “The ‘home guard’ would not be subject to federal oversight and a company would only be recognized if certified by the governor,” reports the Billings Gazette.

Danger Will Robinson! Locals can’t be trusted not to operate outside of the purview of bureaucrats in the district of criminals, especially if the home guards will be used to defend states’ rights against federal intrusion.

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