Kurt Nimmo
April 22, 2011

On the Alex Jones Show today, veteran reporter and Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker revealed details of the globalist plan to send ground troops into Libya.

Alex Jones warns about the coming ground invasion.

“According to veteran Bilderberg journalist Jim Tucker, whose sources have proven routinely accurate in leaking discussion topics shared by globalists at their regular meetings, Kissinger gave almost the exact same speech at three different conferences over the past two weeks, firstly during an April 8-10 get-together at the George Washington University’s Elliot School of International Affairs, then at an Aspen Institute session on ‘Values and Diplomacy’ at the National Cathedral, and finally during the Bretton Woods II conference in New Hampshire,” writes Prison Planet.com editor and journalist Paul Joseph Watson today.

“Henry Kissinger was the biggest yo-yo, giving the same speech at all of these meetings. David Rockefeller, 94, had less bounce. As Rockefeller’s valet, Kissinger kept his wheelchair moving briskly,” Tucker writes for May 2 issue of The American Free Press. “Kissinger, visibly depressed, gave a rationale for the war on Libya that the TC and its brother group, Bilderberg, want to keep rolling, according to an inside source who has proved reliable for years. Both groups want the war extended through 2012 to generate turmoil throughout the Middle East and pressure the United States into attacking Iran on behalf of Israel.Which would also produce huge war profits.”

Corporate media prepares public for ground invasion.

Comments by Libyan government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim reveal that Gaddafi’s government is preparing for a ground invasion of the country.

“Many cities have organized themselves into squads to fight any possible NATO invasion,” Ibrahim told Reuters. “If NATO comes to Misrata or any Libyan city we will unleash hell upon NATO. We will be a ball of fire… We will make it 10 times as bad as Iraq.”

According to iCasualties.org, 4,766 U.S. soldiers have died since the United States invaded the country in early 2003. Others dispute this figure and say many more died but the numbers were not revealed by the Pentagon.

Slippery slope: NATO ground invasion inevitable.

“We are arming the whole population, not to fight the rebels,” Ibrahim said. “What we are fighting is NATO and if NATO thinks of coming on land to occupy any city in Libya they will not be confronted by the Libyan army but they will be confronted by the Libyan tribes, young Libyan men and women.”

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In March, Kremlin foreign policy adviser Sergei Prikhodko told the ITAR-TASS news agency that a ground invasion was inevitable. “We understand that sooner or later, if the air operation gets bogged down, a ground operation will be inevitable, whatever they tell us,” Pikhodko said.

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