Former Democrat and Senator Joe Lieberman has taken to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to call for a global war on Islam.

Lieberman writes that “the inspiring unity that filled the streets of Paris on Sunday in defense of freedom” must be “transformed into the mighty unity that is necessary now to defeat radical Islam before it kills more people and takes away more freedom.”

Nations must exploit the outrage produced by terrorist attacks to officially declare war, Lieberman writes.

The United States, France and other nations “should form and lead a global alliance against radical Islam. That alliance must include leading Islamic nations — Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, to name a few — because Muslims who do not share the extremist views of the terrorists constitute the largest number of its victims.”

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates, along with the U.S. military and the CIA, are directly responsible not only for the rise of the Islamic State, but also al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

The “extremist” views denounced by Lieberman are at the heart of Sunni Wahhabism, the sect of Islam responsible for inspiring Salafi radicalism. Saudi Arabia began exporting this brand of Islam in earnest when it worked with the United States to evict the Soviet Union from Afghanistan.

Lieberman calls his selective war against Islam the “Alliance Against Islamist Extremism” and declares its goal “should be nothing less than total destruction of the enemy — beginning with Islamic State, AQAP in Yemen, al-Shabaab in Somalia and Boko Haram in Nigeria.”

The war must be framed within the context of the clash of civilizations, Lieberman writes.

“The world war against Islamist terrorism is as much an ideological conflict as were the world wars against fascism and communism. The rule of law and the freedom of expression and religion that were attacked in France last week should be championed and spread by the alliance because where there is law and freedom, radical Islamists cannot flourish.”

In fact, Islamists “flourish” in failed states such as Yemen, Somalia, Mali, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East and Africa in direct response to the foreign policy decisions of the United States and its partners, including the Gulf Emirates.

Lieberman, as an “unreconstructed neocon” who holds a seat at the American Enterprise Institute, is acting as the frontman for the globalist plan to significantly expand the war on terror which is designed to redraw borders, balkanize nations, loot natural resources (most recently, in Africa) and cast new alliances beholden to the financial class and its corporatist partners.

The attack on Charlie Hebdo and the reaction by millions of people to the violence unleashed by the political elite who support Lieberman and other neocons is now being exploited in shameless fashion in a move toward world war.

The financial class and its corporatist partners thrive and profit on war, “creative destruction” and mass misery.

Additional false flag events may be required before the masses fall in line and provide the window dressing of consensus desired before such a war will be declared.

As the attacks of September 11, 2001 demonstrated, consensus thrives on magnitude.

Charlie Hebdo and similar small scale terror attacks serve as a prelude for larger and more significant events to come, events like the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the sinking of the Lusitania, that will be used to start the next war.

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