As Rand Paul gears up for what now seems a certain bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, the Kentucky senator is putting distance on foreign policy issues between himself and his father, former Texas representative and past presidential hopeful Ron Paul.

In embracing a far more internationalist agenda than his father, the younger Paul is not unlike the young Rep. John F. Kennedy (D.-Massachusetts) voicing disagreements with his father as he prepared to seek higher office in the early 1950s.

JFK’s advocacy of a robust foreign policy clearly stood in sharp contrast to his father Joseph P. Kennedy, a former U.S. ambassador to Great Britain and unabashed isolationist before and after World War II.

“There are some differences in Rand Paul’s worldview from Ron’s and they are this is not dissimilar to John Kennedy distancing himself from the isolationist views of his father,” Lew Moore, campaign manager for Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential bid, told Newsmax.

Rand Paul made clear his differences with his father on Oct. 23 of this year in a dinner address to the Center for The National Interest in New York. Declaring that “America cannot disengage from the world,” he did sound his father’s traditional axioms that “America shouldn’t fight wars that aren’t authorized by the American people, by Congress.

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