May 7, 2008

Editor’s Note: Rush tells us he is dumping Clinton in favor of Obama because he doesn’t stand a chance against McCain. Road biscuits. Limbaugh is supporting Obama because that’s what his handlers tell him to do, as they want to retire the neocons and usher in a new era of Dem neolibs. Rush knows what side of the bread gets the butter.

(CNN) – He has publicly urged Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton to keep the divisive Democratic nomination fight alive, but talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday it’s Barack Obama who he really wants to be the party’s nominee.

“I now believe he would be the weakest of the Democrat nominees,” Limbaugh, among the most powerful voices in conservative radio, said on his program. “I now urge the Democrat supereldegates to make your mind up and publicly go for Obama.”

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