Rush Limbaugh said that Donald Trump was “brilliant” Wednesday when he “hijacked the Democrat convention” by holding a press conference.

Limbaugh began his show arguing, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen what I just saw… Donald Trump just hijacked the Democrat convention after the biggest night of that convention so far.” Last night at the convention, Bill Clinton spoke.

According to Limbaugh, Trump’s press conference was “a freewheeling, no-holds-barred, no-controls-on-the-media, ‘Whatever you want to ask me, ask me’ press conference.”

Trump “just totally hijacked it, and he was brilliant. He was on his game. This was the Trump from last fall. He was confident, he was hilarious, he was taking no BS from any in the media. He was challenging Hillary to do the same thing and calling her out, saying she hasn’t done a press conference in over a year.”

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