John Linder
December 30, 2013

Every year another issue sucks all of the oxygen out of Washington, D.C. It will be billed as “the Issue of a Generation” and will be driven by politics rather than policy. If the proposed solution requires more government it will get favorable traction in the media.

In 1997, it was tobacco. Gun control is always just a tragedy away. Global Warming worked for a while. However, with 17 years of no warming behind us those folks have turned to Global Wierding: Storms, droughts, freezes, or whatever else that might occur that you can be blamed for. That issue, thankfully, is going away too. Obamacare was it for several years, but it seems not to be working out as intended so it is time to turn your attention to the new issue of our generation – Comprehensive Immigration Reform. And 2014 will be the year in which we must repair our immigration laws that are, as you know, irretrievably broken.

Immigration reform has gathered a strange team of bedfellows. It is not often that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Labor Leadership find themselves on the same team. To be fair, they are united over the same pursuit – greed. Commercial greed drives the Chamber. The Unions are driven by electoral greed.

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