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Alex Jones - 2019-Aug-16, Friday  (MP3)

Friday August 16, 2019
No description available

Alex Jones - 2019-Aug-15, Thursday  (MP3)

Thursday August 15, 2019
Whistleblower Calls Google a National Security Threat. Whistleblower Zach Voorhies (#GoogleSnowden) is raising the alarm on Google’s AI project in China that he’s calling this century’s ‘Manhattan Project’ for artificial intelligence.

Alex Jones - 2019-Aug-14, Wednesday  (MP3)

Wednesday August 14, 2019
Plus, incredible new Google & Epstein developments!

Alex Jones - 2019-Aug-13, Tuesday  (MP3)

Tuesday August 13, 2019
Plus Experts Agree The US and China Are Now At War Reports are pouring in revealing that Epstein was yelling in pain in his cell the morning he died! Americans are now waking up after hearing the ‘official’ narrative of Epstein’s death!

Alex Jones - 2019-Aug-12, Monday  (MP3)

Monday August 12, 2019
The world is waking up to the corruption as the establishment attempts to sweep Jeffrey Epstein under the rug, and they may have succeeded. Tune in to find out how.

Alex Jones - 2019-Aug-11, Sunday  (MP3)

Sunday August 11, 2019
to be added...

Alex Jones - 2019-Aug-09, Friday  (MP3)

Friday August 09, 2019
It’s the best of times and the worst of times for President Trump – he’s finally taking action to defend the First Amendment, but is he also about to infringe on the Second Amendment? Also, today’s guests include Joe Biggs in studio and lawyer Marc Randazza who reveals new developments in the Jeffrey Epstein case. Alex Jones will focus on Trump’s incredible revealing 35 minute press conference & exclusive information on new Epstein data dump.