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Alex Jones - 2019-Mar-14, Thursday  (MP3)

Thursday March 14, 2019
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Alex Jones - 2019-Mar-13, Wednesday  (MP3)

Wednesday March 13, 2019
British lawmakers and the EU again rejected PM Theresa May’s Brexit deal. The UK Parliament is voting today if they will leave the EU by the March 29th deadline without a deal at all. Stateside, a federal judge is giving ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort “credit” for how he’s dealing with his sentence by hinting additional years won’t be added to his prison time. Joining today’s show is grassroots director of Liberty Hangout Kaitlin Bennett revealing what Americans can do when leftists harass them in public. Call and tune in now!

Alex Jones - 2019-Mar-12, Tuesday  (MP3)

Tuesday March 12, 2019
Dems Imploding - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) revealed that special counsel Robert Mueller and the rest of the Democrats have insufficient evidence to impeach the president after admitting removing Trump is “just not worth it.” Her confession is intended to save the DNC from giving in to the party’s fringe demands that are out of touch with most Americans. Across the Atlantic, UK PM Theresa May is threatening to never leave the EU if officials don’t back her Brexit deal. Call and tune in now!

Alex Jones - 2019-Mar-11, Monday  (MP3)

Monday March 11, 2019
Establishment Democrats are warming up to ex-rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to compete in 2020. The change in tune reveals how the party is in a mess due to its polarizing factions growing apart. Also, rumors from the DC Swamp say that special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe will play out this week. Joining today’s show is's European correspondent Dan Lyman breaking down Europe’s populist riots and how the globalist scheme of the EU is falling apart. Start your week informed. Call and tune in now!

Alex Jones - 2019-Mar-10, Sunday  (MP3)

Sunday March 10, 2019
Opposition leader Juan Guaido is blaming socialist President Nicolas Maduro for the blackout that’s plunging collapsing Venezuela further into chaos. Guaido is calling on all citizens to travel to the capital and Maduro is calling the rallies a coup attempt while saying American sabotage is to blame for the blackout. Across the world, ISIS forces are on the brink of defeat and refuse to surrender as US-backed fighters move in. Don’t miss our Sunday broadcast! Call and tune in now!

Alex Jones - 2019-Mar-08, Friday  (MP3)

Friday March 08, 2019
The number of employed Americans has never been higher and wages are on the rise. Interestingly, job growth suffered its worst month in years. Also, President Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been sentenced to four years in prison for tax and bank fraud. Joining today’s show is documentary filmmaker Gabe Hoffman explaining how his film "An Open Secret," exposes the predatory Hollywood elite. Start your weekend informed. Call and tune in now!

Alex Jones - 2019-Mar-07, Thursday  (MP3)

Thursday March 07, 2019
President Trump is struggling to fulfill major campaign promises. Specifically, illegal immigration is worse than ever, satellite images appear to show North Korea is rebuilding a rocket launching site, Americans are at risk to losing their jobs to foreign workers, and the trade deficit is at a record high. Moreover, the DHS is warning that a million migrants are expected to arrive at America’s southern border this year. Joining today’s show is UK journalist Katie Hopkins discussing the Islamic invasion of Western Europe. Call and tune in now!