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Alex Jones - 2018-Apr-24, Tuesday  (MP3)

Tuesday April 24, 2018
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Alex Jones - 2018-Apr-23, Monday  (MP3)

Monday April 23, 2018
Iran’s Foreign Minister says they will intensify their nuclear program if President Trump leaves the 2015 accord. Germany and France urge Trump to save the deal, as France’s leader has no “Plan B.” Also, Kanye West disrupts Hollywood’s political norms through a series of tweets calling out censorship and celebrating black conservatives. Joining today’s show is journalist Lee Stranahan discussing the legal battles the right faces. Furthermore, anonymous intelligence insider Zach from Morocco explains the current geopolitical happenings around the world.

Alex Jones - 2018-Apr-22, Sunday  (MP3)

Sunday April 22, 2018
Trump: Mueller Probe Unlawful - President Trump tweeted that former FBI Director Comey’s illegal leaking of classified information triggered FBI Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia investigation, potentially rendering the probe unlawful. In a positive step, North Korea has agreed to halt missile testing and shut down one of its launch facilities ahead of Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-Un. On today’s show, intel source Zach breaks down the Deep State’s latest plot to launch terror attacks in the US to hamper the resurgence of 1776 and further curtail freedoms. Tune in for this important broadcast!

Alex Jones - 2018-Apr-20, Friday  (MP3)

Friday April 20, 2018
DNC Sues Trump! - The Democratic Party filed a suit alleging that Russia, Trump's campaign, and WikiLeaks were part of a grand conspiracy to "disrupt" the 2016 election! At the same time, Comey's newly released memos are a complete dud as they prove there was no collusion or obstruction. Joining today's show is UK journalist Katie Hopkins discussing the Islamic invasion of Western Europe. Also, activist and founder of TTL Media Tim Black explains why America's two-party system is outdated. Start your weekend informed!

Alex Jones - 2018-Apr-19, Thursday  (MP3)

Thursday April 19, 2018
The mainstream narrative regarding the Syrian chemical attack is now crumbling due to new evidence. Today' s guests include citizen-journalist Laura Loomer discussing her encounter with James Comey during his book signing. Also, cultural activist Hotep Jesus talks about the state of the nation where he can pull off acquiring free coffee simply by accusing a Starbucks employee of racism. Don't miss a minute!

Alex Jones - 2018-Apr-18, Wednesday  (MP3)

Wednesday April 18, 2018
Castro shifts outside the family for Cuba's next leader with Miguel Diaz-Canel. The "ruthless" 57-year old climbed his way up the Communist Party for 30 years. Today’s show has underground street artist Sabo discussing his powerful work and his banishment from Twitter. Also, anonymous intelligence insider Zack from Morocco discusses Trump's actions in Syria.

Alex Jones - 2018-Apr-17, Tuesday  (MP3)

Tuesday April 17, 2018
An EU parliament member has called for political parties that criticize mass immigration to be banned in Sweden. And connections surface showing ties between the judge presiding over Michael Cohen's case and George Soros. Meanwhile James Comey continues his anti-Trump book tour, as the president faces criticism over Stormy Daniels and recent Syria coalition airstrikes. Conservative street artist Sabo joins the show today to discuss his recent Twitter censorship.