The Trump administration is holding its first White House press briefing since the government shutdown to explain the situation in Venezuela, economic news and developments, foreign policy updates, and the border security negotiations.

Last week, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the press briefings had turned into a circus due to some in the media trying to grandstand for ratings and fame.

“We’re in the business of getting information to the American people, not making stars out of people that want to become contributors on CNN,” she said. “And that’s, a lot of times, what we see take place in the briefing room.”

“We’re more than happy to take questions, but we think that there should be a certain level of decorum and a certain level of honesty and responsibility that comes with that,” she added.

President Trump backed up her comments on Twitter, saying that he told her “not to bother” holding briefings anymore over the media’s poor behavior.

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