B. Christopher Agee
April 22, 2014

Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who has been on the front lines at the Bundy Ranch for the past week, appeared on MSNBC to debate Chris Hayes regarding the Bureau of Land Management’s use of excessive force in attempting to collect past-due grazing fees.

While Hayes tried desperately to blame the Bundy family for bringing the armed standoff on itself, Fiore expertly guided the conversation back to an issue about which most freedom-loving Americans can agree.

“Generally, when our federal government comes in armed, we expect a bigger problem” than an outstanding debt, she explained. She didn’t deny the Bundys owe grazing fees; however, she did excoriate the federal government for using threats of violence in its collection efforts. Additionally, she explained that the amount allegedly owed has fluctuated greatly over the course of the standoff.

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