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Alex Jones Show: New York AG Announces Suit to “Shut Down” The NRA

Yes, Letitia James, the monster that ordered nursing homes to take Covid-19 patients, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths, says the NRA is criminal

Not long after New York forced nursing homes to take Covid-19 patients, leading to thousands of deaths, the state’s Attorney General Letitia James now wants to completely “shut down” the NRA.

Speaking of which, where’s James’ lawsuit targeting the Clinton Foundation?

You can watch the press conference below:

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David Knight Show: Revolution In Lebanon? Globalists Making Moves Worldwide

Spread this censored link while remnants of internet freedom remain
On this Thursday transmission of The David Knight Show, guest host Tony Arterburn will discuss Tuesday’s Beirut explosions and the calls for a “revolution” by many Lebanese citizens.


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