As patriots throughout the country become increasingly fed up with draconian measures from local and state “authorities,” protests have taken place nearly every day this week.

Today, demonstrators have gathered outside the mansion of Minnesota Governor Tim Walz to let their voices be heard.

President Trump sent a tweet Friday morning in support of the protest, reading, “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!”

The Liberate Minnesota Facebook group explained their reason for protesting, writing, “Thousands of lives are being destroyed right now. It is not the governor’s place to restrict free movement of Minnesota citizens! Gov. Walz you work for the citizens of this state! Minnesota’s economy must be reopened for business or destroying the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Minnesota citizens and their families may result if we don’t act quickly!”

POTUS also tweeted in favor of opening up Virginia and Michigan.

Check out photos and videos of the event below:

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